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Quiz about quantum physics

If you want test your knowledge in quantum physics here you have got the best possibility.

1.) What cannot we measure in a particle at the same time?
the position and the size
the position and the speed
the size and the volume
the speed and the surface

2.) From what does it depend in the photoelectric effect if the electrons leave the atomic shell?
von der Wellenlänge der Strahlung
von der Intensität der Strahlung
von der Anzahl der Photonen
von der Geschwindigkeit der Photonen

3.) Which particle has not got the particle wave duality?
no particle

4.) What is the consuquence, when the electron, when both holes are opened in the double gap experiment makes an interference pattern?
The electron has got to much energy.
The elctron is to big.
Nothing is real.
The instrument is not enough exact.

5.) Where can we find lines?
in speed-time-diagrams
in space-time-diagrams
in speed-room-diagrams
in pressure-time-diagrams

6.) Why does the double gap experiment proofes that also electron can have a wave character?
Otherwise they would not reach the screen.
Because we can see waves.
Because only particles have got an interference pattern.
Because only waves have got an interference pattern.

7.) Which of these graphs cannot be the line of a human being when the space-time is not crooked?
from the bottom to the top
from top left to bottom right
from bottom right to top left
from bottom left to top right

8.) What is the specially of photons?
For they a difference between past and future do not exist.
They have got more mass than other particles.
They have got much energy.
They flight faster than the light.

9.) Between which particles does the weak power acts?
between all particles
between photons
between leptons
between electrical charged particles

10.) Which is the weakest power of the fundamental powers?
the weak power
the strong power
the gravity
the electromagnetic power

11.) What says the Many worlds theory?
Many realities exist.
Bigger stars than the sun does not exist.
black holes does not exist.
White dwarfs does not exist.

12.) What must we do to much time travels possible?
We have to reach a speed of 100,000 km/h.
We have to reach a speed of 200,000 km/h.
We have to reach a speed of 300,000 km/h.
We have to crook the space-time.

13.) When we close one hole in the double gap experiment, where can find the maximum?
between both holes
between the closed hole
between the opened hole
on the left or on the right of the opened hole

14.) Which is Einstein's famous formula?
E2 = mc
E = m2c
E = mc2
E = mc

15.) What is the consequence of Einstein's famous formula?
We can transform matter in energy and the other way round.
We can travel with the speed of light.
We can travel faster than light.
We can calculate where black holes are.

You have reached of 15 points.

Author and Webmaster: Lukas Czarnecki

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Last Update: 27.08.2001