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Rose quartz

Rose quartz Rose quartz Buddha

Rose quartz is a quartz. The chemical formula is SiO2. The hardness is 7 and the crystal system is trigonal. Mostly Rose quartz does not form regular crystals like Rock crystal or Amethyst. Big crystals are very rare. Because of admixtures of titanium oxide and manganese oxide it is rose. Rose quartz reacts the same way as other quartzes on radioactivity, it becomes brown. In antiquity people thought that Rose quartz, like many other quartzes, has got positive effects. When can find Rose quartz in Brazil, in the USA and in some parts of Europe. Until today they produce different sculptures and other jewels of Rose quartz. Also Chinese buddha figures exist which are made of Rose quartz.

Data about Rose quartz
Chemical formula SiO2
Mineral class oxides
Crystal system trigonal
Hardness 7
Density 2.65 g/cm3
Color rose
Line color white
Gloss glass gloss
Break shell
Fissileness none

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